Science & Technology Studies

Designed for students seeking expertise in the cross-cultural understanding of the social use and politics of scientific practices and technologies, ancient and contemporary. Courses offer training in the archaeology, anthropology of science, the anthropology of technology, science and technology studies, political anthropology, economic anthropology, and gender, race, class, and material relations.


1. For each certificate, complete three courses listed below; attain a 3.0 GPA minimum in those courses. 

2. Attend three Anthropology Colloquia and write a 300-500 word report and/or analysis for each event; these will be reviewed and evaluated by the Undergraduate Director. If you are applying for multiple certificates, you only need to submit three summaries TOTAL. It is your responsibility to plan ahead and attend colloquia before you submit your certificate application. See the department events webpage for upcoming events.


Science & Technology Studies Courses:

Anthro 25A Environmental Injustice

Anthro 45A.  Science, Culture, Power

Anthro 124 Gold: The Alchemy of Socio-Economic Practice

Anthro 125B Ecological Anthropology

Anthro 125C Environmental Anthropology

Anthro 125F   Humans and Other Animals  

Anthro 125U Immigration, Nation, and Media

Anthro 128A Science, Technology, Controversy  

Anthro 128C  Digital Cultures

Anthro 129  by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending on the topic  

Anthro 134B Cultures of Biomedicine

Anthro 134C   Medicine, Food, and Health 

Anthro 147A Archaeology of the Islamic World 

Anthro 147B Archaeology, Politics, and Identity

Anthro 139   By petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending on the topic  


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