The Certificate in Global Studies is designed for students wishing to develop their expertise in cultural, political, and economic phenomena that cross or transcend national boundaries. Courses offer intensive training in the anthropological analysis of international issues, such as migrations and diasporas, environment and development, flows of money and commodities, social movements, transnational religious movements, and ethnic, national, and other forms of political conflict. You are required to complete (or expect to complete) three of the following courses by graduation and attain a 3.0 GPA minimum in these three courses. Each course may be used for one certificate only.

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Global Studies Courses:

Anthro 20A (People, Cultures, and Environmental Sustainability)

Anthro 30A (Global Issues in Anthropological Perspective)

Anthro 41A (Global Cultures and Society)

Anthro 50B (Gender and Global Health)

Anthro 85A (Cultures in Collision: Indian-White Relations Since Columbus)

Anthro 121G (Political Anthropology)

Anthro 125B (Ecological Anthropology)

Anthro 125S (The Anthropology of Money)

Anthro 125U (Immigration, Nation, and Media)

Anthro 125X (Transnational Migration)

Anthro 125Z (Muslim Identities in North America)

Anthro 127A (Law and Modernity)

Anthro 127B (Global Migrations, Anthropology, and the Law)

Anthro 129 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending of the topic)

Anthro 134G (HIV/AIDS in a Global Context)

Anthro 135A (Religion and Social Order)

Anthro 135I (Modern South Asian Religions)

Anthro 136A (Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Contemporary World)

Anthro 136D (Conflict Resolution in Cross-Cultural Perspective)

Anthro 136G (Colonialism and Gender)

Anthro 139 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending of the topic)

Anthro 161T (Field Research: Asian Immigrants and Refugees in Orange County)

Anthro 162A (Peoples and Cultures of Latin America)

Anthro 162C (Race and Empire in Colonial Latin America)

Anthro 163A (People of the Pacific)

Anthro 164A (21st Century Africa)

Anthro 164P (Peoples and Cultures of Post-Soviet Eurasia)

Anthro 165A (Modern Iran: Cinema and the City)

Anthro 169 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending of the topic)

You must also attend three Anthropology Colloquia, and write a report and/or analysis of the event. This should be a 300-500 word report and/or analysis for each event. Summaries will be reviewed and evaluated by the Undergraduate Director. It is your responsibility to plan ahead and attend colloquia BEFORE you submit your certificate application.

If you are applying for multiple certificates, you only need to submit three summaries TOTAL.


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