Graduate Course Offering 23-24 AY
Course Number Course Name Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring 2024
202A/B/C Proseminar in Anthropology 202A 202B 202C
215A Ethnographic Methods 215A    
215B Research Design   215B  
215C Grant and Proposal Writing     215C
235A Transational Migration (SSCI 254A/CHLT 215) 235A    
246 Feminist Anthropology 246    
247A Structuralism and Post-Structuralism   247A  
259A Dissertaion Writing Seminar   259A  
289 Anthro Archive Ethnography     289
289 Anthropologes of Race: Histories and Theories   289  
289 Anthropologies of Race, Religion, and Caste 289    
289 Beyond Labor 289    
289 Black Ethnography   289  
289 Environmental Governance     289
289 Interrogating Citizenship     289
289 Militarism & Imperialism 289    
289 Prisons in the US     289
289 Racial Ecologies   289  
289 Settler Colonialism   289  
289 Teaching Anthropology     289

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Graduate students from any department on campus are encouraged to enroll in our courses. Indeed, we encourage students to consider the Graduate Specialization in Anthropologies of Medicine, Science, and Technology, which only requires taking four courses (three of which must be from our department).

The only exceptions to this policy are:
Courses limited to Ph.D. students in the Department of Anthropology: 202A (Proseminar A), 202B (Proseminar B), 202C (Proseminar C), 215A (Ethnographic Methods), 215B (Research Design), and 215C (Grant and Proposal Writing)
Please note this listing is only a tentative plan. It is subject to change.


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