Requirements for the Minor in Anthropology:

Requirements for the minor in Anthropology are met by taking seven anthropology courses (28 units) as specified below:

  1. 1. Anthropology 2A.
  2. 2. Anthropology 2B, 2C, or 2D.
  3. 3. Anthropology 30A or 100b
  4. 4. Four courses (16 units) from the following: 120-179.

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Undergraduate majors and minors are welcome to participate in the activities of the Undergraduate Anthropology Club and the Undergraduate Mentoring Program (GUMP). Undergraduates are also encouraged to join Lambda Alpha, the Anthropology Honors' Society. Information on the Anthropology Club and honors program is available from the Anthropology Department Staff, in Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 3201 (Anthropology Department Suite).

Requirements for the Minor in Medical Anthropology:

The Medical Anthropology Minor is designed for students seeking expertise in cross-cultural understandings of illness, medicine, and the body. Students learn to analyze the experience and meanings of illness; understandings of the human body; cross-cultural mental health; social and political disease ecologies; medical practice and biotechnologies; and relationships among gender, race, class, medicine, and science.

A particular emphasis is on the political and economic forces that shape disease burdens and the contributions medical anthropology can make to efforts to achieve global health equity.

The minor is open to students in any school and offers excellent preparation for students interested in careers in clinical medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biological research, public health, and environmental health.

Requirements for the minor in Medical Anthropology are met by taking seven Anthropology courses (28 units) as specified below:

  1. Anthropology 2A
  2. Anthropology 2B, 2C, or 2D
  3. Anthropology 30A or 100B
  4. Anthropology 134A
  5. Three topical courses (12 units) from among the following: Anthropology 25A, 121D, 125F, 128A, 128B, 132A, 134B, 134C, 134F, 134G, 134N, 136K, 139 (special topics in Cultural and Psychological Anthropology, by petition to the Undergraduate Director), Sociology 154.


Requirements for the Minor in Archaeology:

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