To help provide more focused undergraduate training in anthropology with real-world applications, the Department of Anthropology offers five (5) certificate programs, open to all undergraduates regardless of major. Each is designed to complement a student's other coursework and to provide expertise in a specific area of anthropological inquiry.


  1. Enroll in three eligible courses
  2. Attend three (3) Anthropology Colloquia and write between a 300-500 word report and/or analysis for each event. Summaries will be reviewed and evaluated by the Undergraduate Director. It is your responsibility to plan ahead and attend colloquia BEFORE you submit your certificate application. For a schedule of colloquia, see /an_events
  3. Attain a 3.0 GPA minimum in the three (3) courses that you take to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate program.

Application Process:

Submit a copy of your transcript and your three colloquia summaries together with the certificate application form to:

Tami Hoksbergen
Anthropology Department
Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 3207

DEADLINE: May 7, 2018

Colloquia summaries CANNOT be turned in after the May 7, 2018 deadline. This is a firm deadline. Certificates will be awarded in the Spring at a special undergraduate reception.

Guidelines and application forms for all certificates can be downloaded here, or scroll down to download information and application forms for each individual program. You can also find hard copies of certificate guidelines and forms outside the Anthropology Office, Social and Behavior Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 3201.

Please note: the certificates were updated September 2017. Even if you have taken classes offered on past certificates, but not offered on current ones, you can still count the old courses toward new certificates. That is, all courses that ever counted for a certificate will still be included under the new criteria.

The Certificate in Law and Policy
Designed for students seeking expertise in the legal, political, and cultural dimensions of citizenship, democracy, immigration, and identity in the modern world. Courses offer training in legal, political, and cultural dimensions of civil society and political participation in the democratic process.

The Certificate in Global Studies
Designed for students wishing to develop their expertise in cultural, political, and economic phenomena that cross or transcend national boundaries. Courses offer intensive training in the anthropological analysis of international issues, such as migrations and diasporas, environment and development, flows of money and commodities, social movements, transnational religious movements, and ethnic, national, and other forms of political conflict.

The Certificate in Economy and Culture
Designed for students wishing to develop their expertise in the cultural and ethnographic analysis of economic processes and systems. Courses offer intensive training in non-western and non-capitalist economic practices, as well as anthropological approaches to contemporary capitalisms. The certificate program is also intended for students interested in cross-cultural approaches to economic management and planning.

The Certificate in Gender Studies
Designed for students seeking expertise in the cross-cultural understanding of gender and sexuality. Courses offer training in gender inequality, representations and practices of gendered bodies, gender and sexual identity, sexualities and culture, the relationships among gender, race, and class, and feminist theory in anthropology.

The Certificate in Medical Anthropology
Designed for students seeking expertise in the cross-cultural understanding of health and illness, as well as anthropological perspectives on science and medicine. Courses offer training in medical anthropology, science studies, representations and practices of health and illness, health and identity, and the relationships among gender, race, class, medicine, and science.




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