The Certificate in Medical Anthropology is designed for students seeking expertise in the cross-cultural understanding of health and illness, as well as anthropological perspectives on science and medicine. Courses offer training in medical anthropology, science studies, representations and practices of health and illness, health and identity, and the relationships among gender, race, class, medicine, and science. You are required to complete (or expect to complete) three of the following courses by graduation and attain a 3.0 GPA minimum in these three courses. Each course may be used for one certificate only.

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Medical Anthropology Courses:

Anthro 50B (Gender and Global Health)

Anthro 121D (Cross-Cultural Studies in Gender)

Anthro 125F (Humans and Other Animals)

Anthro 128A (Science, Technology, Controversy)

Anthro 128B (Race, Gender, and Science)

Anthro 129 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending on the topic)

Anthro 132A (Psychological Anthropology)

Anthro 134B (Cultures of Biomedicine)

Anthro 134A (Medical Anthropology)

Anthro 134C (Medicine, Food, and Health)

Anthro 134F (Anthropology of the Body)

Anthro 134G (HIV/AIDS in a Global Context)

Anthro 134N (Disease, Health, and Inequality)

Anthro 136K (The Woman and the Body)

Anthro 139 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending on the topic)

Gen&Sex 60A (Gender and Science)

Gen&Sex 188 (Topics in Gender, Feminism, and Science)

You must also attend three Anthropology Colloquia, and write a report and/or analysis of the event. This should be a 300-500 word report and/or analysis for each event. Summaries will be reviewed and evaluated by the Undergraduate Director. It is your responsibility to plan ahead and attend colloquia BEFORE you submit your certificate application.

If you are applying for multiple certificates, you only need to submit three summaries TOTAL.


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