The Certificate in Economy and Culture is designed for students wishing to develop their expertise in the cultural and ethnographic analysis of economic processes and systems. Courses offer intensive training in non-western and non-capitalist economic practices, as well as anthropological approaches to contemporary capitalisms. The certificate program is also intended for students interested in cross-cultural approaches to economic management and planning.

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Economy and Culture courses:

Anthro 20A (People, Cultures, and Environmental Sustainability)

Anthro 41A (Global Cultures and Society)

Anthro 121AW (Kinship and Social Organization)

Anthro 125A (Economic Anthropology)

Anthro 125B (Ecological Anthropology)

Anthro 125S (The Anthropology of Money)

Anthro 125X (Transnational Migration)

Anthro 126A (Elite Cultures)

Anthro 128C (Digital Cultures)

Anthro 129 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending of the topic)

Anthro 139 (by petition to the Undergraduate Director, depending of the topic)

You must also attend three Anthropology Colloquia, and write a report and/or analysis of the event. This should be a 300-500 word report and/or analysis for each event. Summaries will be reviewed and evaluated by the Undergraduate Director. It is your responsibility to plan ahead and attend colloquia BEFORE you submit your certificate application.

If you are applying for multiple certificates, you only need to submit three summaries TOTAL.


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