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Master's Degree - Typically in Winter year 2

Requirements: Successful completion the six required graduate courses and six elective courses.

Advancement to Candidacy for a Master's Degree

Form due to Anthropology staff at least one quarter prior to the desired conferral quarter (i.e. submit in spring for a fall MA). You must be an enrolled student during the degree conferral quarter. The degree marked should be M.A., and the Master's Plan Option is Plan II (Comprehensive Exam). The Comprehensive Exam for PhD students are satisfied by an acceptable second or third year paper for a graduate course.

Orals Examination - Typically in year 3

Advancement to Candidacy (ABD-All But Dissertation)

Note, you may only TA for 12 quarters before advancing to candidacy. Advancing to candidacy means that you have completed your coursework and orals. Contact Anthropology staff to schedule a room for your orals examination.

Committee Nomination Form

This form is due to Anthropology staff four weeks before the date you have set for your orals. Your outside committee member may not have an affiliation with the Anthropology Department. Please check the department website under the Affiliated Faculty tab - these faculty members are not allowed to serve as an outside committee member.

Advancement to Candidacy - Ph.D. Degree Form

Print out, fill out the first page, and bring to your orals. Your committee members will sign at the end of your orals. Please be sure to have your chair sign on page 2 and 3. Write a * next to those members you plan to be on your dissertation committee or write a new name on page 2. Turn in this form to the Anthropology staff, who will assist with collecting signatures. When the form is ready, take the form to the cashier's office to pay the advancement fee and submit to Grad Division.


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