Student Forms

Please make sure to spell the names and emails correctly.

  • You will need to list yourself as the initiator as well as the student.
  • If the form asks for the graduate advisor contact, please use Mei Zhan
  • If the form asks for the associate dean contact, please use Barbara Sarnecka
  • If your form ask for the International Center contact, please use the name International Center and email
  • If the DocuSign form asks for a home department contact, please use Aubrey Bayoneta
  • The form will ask for the Graduate Division contact, please use the name Graduate Division and email


Orals Examination - Typically in year 3

Advancement to Candidacy (ABD-All But Dissertation)

Note, you may only TA for 12 quarters before advancing to candidacy. Advancing to candidacy means that you have completed your coursework and orals. Contact Anthropology staff to schedule a room for your orals examination.

Committee Nomination Form

Committee Nomination form is due to Aubrey Bayoneta four weeks before the date you have set for your orals. Your outside committee member may not have an affiliation with the Anthropology Department. Please check the department website under the Affiliated Faculty tab - these faculty members are not allowed to serve as an outside committee member.

& visit the Grad Division Forms website to complete the PhD Advancement to Candidacy Form. 


In Absentia

In Absentia FAQs

While in the field outside of California (please read FAQs for important information regarding fieldwork inside of California) you will be on In Absentia.

Language Requirement Form

Language Form

Turn in to Anthropology Staff after completing the language requirements. Must be submitted prior to submitting your dissertation.

Dissertation Committee Change

Submit the following to Jenifer Gerson, Graduate Division to request any changes to your dissertation committee:

  1. Please ask your committee chair to write a memo on university letterhead to request this change to committee. They need to include:
    • your name,
    • the person who is being added to the committee and
    • the rationale for adding them, and needs to list the rest of the committee members.
  2. The chair should sign the memo, send to Jennifer Gerson, she will get our associate dean’s signature and will then send to Grad Division for final approval.
  3. The committee chair also needs to send Jennifer the CV of the new member since they are from outside of UCI.


Childbirth Accommodation Leave

Petition for Childbirth Accommodation Funding for Childbirth Leave

Women graduate students in good academic standing who hold a TA or GSR appointment, and who expect to give birth during the academic quarter for which continued funding is sought, will be excused from regular duties for a period of up to six weeks immediately surrounding childbirth, without loss of financial support. Your appointment must be appointed for a minimum 25% for the entire quarter, and paid leave may not extend beyond the end date of the appointment.


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