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Q: How do I enroll in Independent Study or Dissertation Research?

A: Contact the instructor of your independent study or dissertation research course for an authorization code! You will need this code to enroll. Keep in mind that you must be enrolled in 12 units to be a full time student, so if you are done with your required seminar courses, please register for dissertation research in the amounts of units you need to be at 12 units.

Q: Where can I find a list of campus resources?

A: Click here for a resource list is designed with UCI graduate teaching assistants in mind, but may also be useful as a reference for faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community. Asterisks (*) indicate resources that are especially relevant to undergraduate students. You may consider including some of these on your syllabus or course website, and/or keeping a copy on hand to refer students as appropriate.

Q: Questions about orals committee and advancing to candidacy?

A: Please see the Forms page for detailed information.

Q: How can I apply for graduate travel funding?

A: Click here for a Grad Travel Support Form. Click here for a FAQ sheet on Grad Travel Support.

Students are eligible to apply for a maximum of $400 per financial year of July 1 through June 30 (special approval from the graduate director is required for an amount over $400), for travel to conferences when the student is presenting a paper. Funding is also available for discussants and any listed participation on the conference program at the discretion of the grad program directors. The exact amount funded will be based on allowable expenses--most typically, conference registration, airfare, ground transportation, and lodging, but not including meals or food purchases.

PhD Students are eligible to receive a maximum of $1,600 from the Anthropology Department in support of research and travel over the course of the PhD program.

Students may seek supplemental funding other external sources, not to exceed the total cost of each conference trip less the Anthropology Department contribution. The total amount of funding received from departmental, School, campus or external sources cannot exceed the total cost of the student's conference/research trip.

Students requesting research and travel funding are required to be fully-enrolled both during the conference quarter, and when the funding request is submitted.

Limited funds are available for this program.
Consequently, priority for the PhD travel funding will be given to:
students who have not received research and travel funding in the past; and
students who apply for funding before May 1, 2019.
Lower priority will be given to:
PhD candidates in the final quarter of enrollment, and students who have exceeded normative time-to-degree; and
students on leave during the quarter immediately before or after applying.

Students ineligible for this research and travel funding include:
Those whose financial support commitment with the School includes separate research & travel support; and
those who have received Social Sciences research & travel incentive funding for timely advancement to candidacy ($600 in each of the two years immediately following advancement) --a separate School program.



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