Undergraduate Minors

Requirements for the Minor in Anthropology:

Requirements for the minor in Anthropology are met by taking seven anthropology courses (28 units) as specified below:

  1. Anthropology 2A.
  2. Anthropology 2B, 2C, or 2D.
  3. Anthropology 30A or 30B.
  4. Two topical courses (eight units) from Anthropology 120-159, 170-179.
  5. Two courses (eight units) on a geographical area, from Anthropology 160-169.

School of Social Sciences Minor Degree Check Form

Undergraduate majors and minors are welcome to participate in the activities of the Undergraduate Anthropology Club. Undergraduates are also encouraged to join Lambda Alpha, the Anthropology Honors' Society. Information on the Anthropology Club and honors programs is available from Norma Miranda, the Department Manager, in Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 3201 (Anthropology Department Suite), nmiranda at uci dot edu.

Requirements for the Minor in Medical Anthropology:

Requirements for the minor in Medical Anthropology are met by taking seven Anthropology courses (28 units) as specified below:

  1. Anthropology 2A
  2. Anthropology 2B, 2C, or 2D
  3. Anthropology 30A or 30B
  4. Anthropology 134A
  5. Three topical courses (12 units) from among the following: Anthropology 50B, 121D, 128B, 132A, 132C, 134B, 134D, 134E, 134G, 136K, 139 (special topics, by petition to the Undergraduate Director), Sociology 154.

The following courses will count toward the medical anthropology minor.

Fall 2013

  • Anthro 20B: Anthropology of Food - TuTh 11:00-12:20pm
  • Anthro 139A: Anthropology of the Body - M 7:00-9:50pm

Winter 2014

  • Anthro 139: Anthropology of Biomedicine and Biotechnology - MWF 12:00- 2:50p

Spring 2014

  • Anthro 134A: Medical Anthropolgy
  • Anthro 134C: Medicine, Food and Health
  • Anthro 139: Health Disparities

Requirements for the Minor in Archaeology:

Completion of seven courses (28 units). Only one course from requirements D-F may be lower division.

  1. Anthropology 2C.
  2. One lower-division survey course on the pre-modern world selected from: Anthropology 41A; Art History 40A, 42A; History 21A.
  3. One upper-division social theory course selected from: Anthropology 125B, 136B; History 102B; Women's Studies 156B, 165A.
  4. One course on the social study of scientific inquiry selected from: Anthropology 128A; History 60; Women's Studies 50A, 50B, 60A.
  5. Geographic specialty: two courses focusing on one particular area from the list below.
  6. Geographic subspecialty: one course from the list below on an area outside the student's geographic specialty.

Africa and Asia: Art History 150, 152, 175; History 130A, 131, 134A, 170D.

Greece and Rome: Art History 100, 103, 107; Classics 36A, 36B, 36C, 37A, 37B, 37C, 140; History 105A, 105B, 105C.

Americas: Anthropology: 141A, 149, 162A, 162B; Art History 164A, 175; History 151A, 161A.

Residence Requirement for the Minor:

The four required upper-division courses must be completed successfully at UCI. Two of the four may be taken through the UC Education Abroad Program provided course content is approved in advance by the Undergraduate Director of the Department of Anthropology.

NOTE: Students may complete only one of the following programs: the major in Anthropology, the minor in Anthropology, or the minor in Medical Anthropology.



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